Workflow management software

What they needed

Partners Darrell Lehman and Rich John came to GORGES with a new business idea that needed branding, a public website, and a backend system to manage their certification authoring process for their clients. 

Triconic home page

What we used

We chose a hybrid approach where the public site was built in Drupal and the backend workflow management in Ruby on Rails. Drupal provides a full fledged CMS out of the box so the Triconic team can manage all aspects of their brochure site. Ruby on Rails allows full customization and scalability of the business logic.

site on phone

The power of Rails

Using Rails allowed us to tailor the workflow exactly to the Triconic team's needs. Functions include:

  • Multiple user roles
  • Account creation
  • Workflow management
  • Clients can edit/create/delete all entities
Triconic inspector dashboard

Mobile Friendly

All the screens are optimized for all device sizes.

Triconic screens on mobile device


We built a custom ecommerce solution using as the payment processor.


Logo Design

As a brand new venture Triconic needed to develop a brand identity. We settled on shades of purple as way to stand out from the multitude of corporate sites that have a blue color scheme. 

Triconic Logo

As a new business, we came to GORGES and needed not only a logo and website, but a complex "back-end" of the website which included an e-commerce app with registration, payments, and a database with complex rules and entity routing. GORGES was able to handle our requests with professionalism and simplified the entire process. They worked with us through each challenge and brought our ideas to life. Thank you to the GORGES Team!

Darrell Lehman
President & Chief Executive Officer of Triconic