Mobile App Development

Why a Mobile App?

Mobile applications bring your business or organization's online mission to the widest possible audience. According to Pew Research about 81% of adults in the US own a smartphone and the number continues to grow each year. Mobile devices provide unique functionality such as geolocation and data collection when there is no internet connection that can also expand the possibilities beyond what you can do with a laptop or desktop.

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Types of apps we have built

GORGES has built mobile apps for entering field data for scientific researchers, pest management for agricultural businesses and accessibility training. We can utilize 3rd party services and databases, implement e-commerce and many other options that can take your business or organization to the next level.

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We do it all

Since GORGES does design and development in house we are able to handle the entire process of building your app from branding and planning to app development in iOS and Android finishing with submittal to the App Store & Android Marketplace. Whether it's a native or hybrid app or a mobilized web site we can bring your idea to the mobile world.

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Other Services

Web Development

From marketing sites to complex database driven workflow management software.
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Web Design

Web, logo and UI/UX design. Build sites and apps that look and feel great to use.
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Wearable Development

Cutting-edge apps for smart watches and devices
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GORGES Provides SEO to make sure you reach your target online audience.
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