Website and Mobile app for Cornell researcher

What they needed

Cornell researcher Cat Sun came to GORGES with a citizen science project that she wanted to turn into both IOS/Android and Desktop apps. The apps will allow users to submit their own sightings of black bears and their signs (and eventually other mammals) in the wild.

iSeeMammals site on desktop screen

What we used

The desktop app was built in Ruby on Rails and the IOS/Android apps were done in Ionic. The two apps coordinate to allow easy mobile upload of photos/text in remote areas and editing of these submissions on laptops/desktops at a later time. The mobile apps take advantage of geolocation to place the submission at an exact location. A mapping tool allows hikes to be visually displayed.

Mobile App


Cat had some rough ideas for a logo and design so we took those and refined them into a final look that incorporates modern and nature elements.

Screen Shot

We had a concept and framework for our project, and GORGES brought it to life with their creativity and diversity of skills.

Cat Sun