We’ve been creating web based applications for 20 years and we’ve had many great people on our team. Scroll down to learn more about who we are today and how we started.

Taughannock Falls

Company History

GORGES was founded in 2003 by Matthew Clark (Princeton) and former CEO Christopher Grant (Cornell) in Ithaca NY. Inspired by the beautiful natural qualities of the area they decided to name the company after it’s most well recognized natural feature, the gorges. Over the years GORGES has grown into a full stack development company with many long term clients, successful partnerships and ventures into new technologies.


  • Matt Clark

    Matthew Clark

    CEO, Application Developer
  • Ted Caldwell

    Ted Caldwell

    Senior Application Developer
  • Sean Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy

    Designer, Front End Developer
  • Virginia Augusta

    Virginia Augusta

    Director of Operations and Sales
  • Joseph Cleveland

    Joseph Cleveland

    Application Developer
  • Connor Curry

    Connor Curry

    Application Developer
  • Erich Ostendarp

    Erich Ostendarp

    Application Developer
  • Ondine Morgan-Knapp

    Ondine Morgan-Knapp

    Junior Application Developer
  • Aiden Foley

    Aidan Foley

    Part-Time Developer
  • GORGES Web Development