Precision Filters

Site redesign in Wordpress

A new site with a new look

The PFINC team came to us with a need for a modern site that would keep their online presence in step with their competitors. They also wanted to add a backend document manager to share manuals and software with select clients.

PFINC home on a laptop

WordPress and Divi

We chose WordPress as the framework for the new site due to it’s ease of use and many free or inexpensive plugins that allow our clients to continue to expand the functionality of their site. We chose the Divi theme and it’s powerful page builder to provide our clients with advanced tools to edit their site themselves without writing a line of code.

divi theme screenshot

Mobile friendly design

We always make sure that the sites we build work well on any size screen or device.

Document Manager

In order to fullfill the Document Manager functionality we added the WP Download plugin with the Access Control extension. This plugin allows the PFINC team to categorize the uploaded files and share specific files with specific users behind a login.

Document manager screen
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