Mobile app and backend architecture

PupilScan is a health startup company with a cutting edge premise. A person’s pupils are scanned with a smartphone, and a report is generated indicating the likelihood of the presence of certain substances.

GORGES was engaged to assist with the develop of their solution creating their mobile app plus backend architecture to store and process pupil images. A full administrative web application was also built for monitoring and reporting on the uploaded pupil scans.

Graphic showing PupilScan app screen

A plethora of technologies

Our engagement was supported by many technologies including:

  • Swift – native iPhone client language
  • Java – Android native development language
  • Vue – Javascript framework for web-based admin pages
  • Python – machine-vision training programs
  • Twitter bootstrap – public website layout and framework
  • Amazon Web Services – S3, EC2, CloudFront, AppSync, GraphQL, DynamoDB, Lambda, Route 53, Elastic Transcoder, IAM, Cognito
room in a Hospital
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