Wellcoaches Digital

Healthcare EMR Software


Wellcoaches Digital is a new product from our existing client Dr. Geoff Moore centered around his unique approach to healthcare management. GORGES built Geoff's current software tool the Sustainable Health Systems questionnaire which provides physicians with the data they need to monitor and improve their patient's health. For this new initiative, Geoff partnered with Margaret Moore and her business Wellcoaches, which provided a health coaching component. Wellcoaches Digital brings together the power of the questionnaire's data collection with health coaching to envision a new type of EMR software that provides healthcare providers the tools to monitor and manage improvements to their patient's health.

UX/UI Design

Wellcoaches needed an interface that was easy for even the least tech savvy users to navigate since it will have a very broad user base. Health Care workers will be using this system in a fast paced environment so the software also needed to provide the information that clinicians and coaches needed with a minimum of clicks.

Charting and more

Highcharts was utilized to render the responsive charts, graphs and gauges.

Vue.js to the rescue

GORGES settled on Vue.js, a javascript framework that is rapidly gaining popularity due to it's flexibility, detailed documentation and fast learning curve. As we developed Wellcoaches, new features sometimes needed to be added under tight deadlines. Vue.js allowed our team to produce efficient results.


Geoff Moore