Web Development

We can build anything

With many decades of combined experience and expertise, our team is able to solve any problem, integrate any third-party system or database, and offer solutions you may not have thought of yourself.


Database is our middle name

From our earliest days as a company, we have been developing software and web applications that make heavy use of complex database technologies.

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We have built a variety of e-commerce solutions — including Drupal Commerce, Open Cart and UberCart — that are either standalone or integrated into a CMS or Rails site.


Javascript Frameworks

React and Vue.js are Javascript frameworks for today's modern web applications. These technologies make your web application perform like a desktop app - smooth and responsive.

See our portfolio page for examples of how we have leveraged these powerful frameworks to create cutting-edge applications.

ReactJS and VueJS Logos

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails handles the more database-heavy applications that we take on. From dense catalogs to workflow management software, Rails is our chosen framework (often paired with Angular or another Javascript framework for front end tasks).

Rails allows us to scale up as your business grows, and make sure each detail is implemented your way and not hindered by the limitations of an open source CMS. In some cases, we even combine Drupal and Rails, taking advantage of the power of each framework to deliver custom software at an affordable price point.

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We build all of our small to medium size websites with Drupal, leveraging the thousands of hours of developer time that the Drupal community provides us. We have developed our own Drupal distro ( now upgraded to Drupal 8 ) that provides a lot of functionality out of the box and saves our clients time and money.

From small startups to large Ivy League departments and international businesses, we have been able to provide complex yet easy to use editing power through this CMS.

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PHP powers 79% of all websites, and we are PHP experts. We provide PHP programming services, supporting modern PHP-based frameworks (such as WordPress & Drupal) and our own PHP solutions developed over the years for clients.  

There's a reason PHP is so ubiquitous - it is powerful, fast, accessible, cheap to host, and used everywhere. We know PHP. Contact GORGES for your PHP needs.  

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Yii is one of the leading PHP application frameworks, and it complements Ruby on Rails as a go-to tool for our most complex custom web applications.

GORGES has built several large applications in Yii over the last 10 years, and we are experts in the framework. We have also developed our own methodologies for integrating Yii with Javascript frameworks such as Angular and Vue.js — in order to support highly interactive user interfaces, especially for mobile devices.

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Other Technologies

We are proficient in all leading Internet technologies, and some obscure ones to boot. We pride ourselves on not selecting your solution technology and tools until we understand all of your business requirements.

Our strength is the knowledge and experience of our staff. We do not outsource, and we have been programming for decades. We know this stuff.

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Other Services

Mobile App Development

We build iOS and Android apps so you can take put your idea into the hands of the millions of mobile device users.
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Web Design

Web, logo and UI/UX design. Build sites and apps that look and feel great to use.
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Wearable Development

Cutting-edge apps for smart watches and devices
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GORGES Provides SEO to make sure you reach your target online audience.
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