Matt Clark

Matthew Clark

CEO, Application Developer

(M.S.E. UPenn, 1989; B.S. Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, Princeton, summa cum laude, 1985)

Matthew Clark is co-founder and current Chief Executive Officer for GORGES. Matt’s duties include architecting hardware and software solutions, making technology decisions, managing and supporting project development, and hands-on programming.

Matt has been programming computers since high school, and has worked in the software industry for over 35 years. After beginning his career at the David Sarnoff Research Center working for RCA and General Electric, Matt has worked for several startup companies in New York City and Montreal, and consulted for AutoDesk, SPSS, and Data Description prior to founding GORGES. He knows many programming languages and frameworks, including Swift, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript, and QlikView, and has developed solutions using many databases including MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, and several no-sql variants.

Matt is also a published author, a patented inventor, and volunteers as instructor and coach for elementary-age kids. His recent hobby attention is towards wearable computers, developing dozens of apps for different smart watch platforms. Matt’s weather app was voted the best Pebble App in the first-ever contest by the leading app website. When not hacking or running marathons, Matt can be found applying his engineering talents on projects with his sons.

At GORGES we are always pushing the envelope with learning new technologies, both software and hardware. One technology we are keeping an eye on is wearables especially the smart watch. Matt has led projects developing wearable solutions under contract for eBay, PayPal, iControl, and Noonlight.

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