Ted Caldwell

Ted Caldwell

Senior Application Developer

(M.A. Linguistics, McGill University, 1994; M.Sc. Mathematics, McGill U., 1987; B.Sc. Mathematics, University of Saskatchewan, 1985)

Ted Caldwell is a Senior Application Developer for GORGES. With over 30 years of professional software development experience, Ted enjoys working closely with GORGES clients to understand their software needs and create practical, cost-effective technology solutions.

Ted is the principal developer and architect for several major applications created for GORGES clients. He has led efforts to transition these complex projects to use more modern development tools and frameworks, while maintaining stability in their production use.

Ted’s areas of expertise include:

* Traditional full-stack web frameworks, principally the Yii PHP framework
* Development of application UIs and core UI components using Vue.js and Bootstrap
* Refactoring and migration of legacy systems to modern web and mobile platforms
* Progressive web apps and “mobile first” development, using Cordova, Ionic, and Capacitor
* Serverless application development with Google Firebase/Firestore
* Automated testing with Cypress
* Javascript visualization libraries (Highcharts, GoJS, Raphael.js)

Prior to joining GORGES, Ted was Computational Linguist and Director of Engineering at CoGenTex, where he led development of several innovative applications based on natural language generation technology. He was the principal developer of a tool for generating textual product recommendations,
used by prominent e-tailers including Staples and Target, and holds a U.S. patent related to this work.

When not writing code, Ted is an avid cyclist, and plays upright bass with several jazz combos in the Ithaca area.

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